Online Coaching

Our online coaching is high individualized for every online client. Programs are typically 12 weeks long but they can be customized to a different length if needed. Now we use a software called True Coach that allows us to check in with you every day.

Premium Online Coaching

$650-12 Weeks or $225 Monthly

​This is the best of the best when it comes to our online coaching. This includes and initial assessment of your lifts, daily check in's along with constant feed back from our coaching staff. We will set you up with an account on TrueCoach, the software we use to write up your programs. This allows you to upload your video straight onto your workout and make it possible for our coaches to respond to you WITHIN 24 HOURS IF NOT SOONER!!! This Also allows us to change your program if needed based on the progress we see in your videos. If you want to take your training up a level under a watchful eye this is the option for you!

Basic Online Coaching

$300-12 Weeks or $125 Monthly

This option is takes some of our proven programs and makes them available to you. You will be provided with a detailed assessment of you lifts and the workouts. That is it, no check ups until the end of your 12-Week Cycle.

Our Programs are Based on:

  • Your Individual Lifts

    • Before we Start Writing up your program we watch videos of your maxes or close to in order to asses your weaknesses​ and build them from the ground up to get your stronger and injury free

  • Any Current or Previous Injuries​

    • If you have any previous injuries or current ones we can help you train around them so you can continue to get stronger while avoiding further compromises to your health

  • Your Profession​

    • We have firefighters, police, military, powerlifters, combat/team sport athletes, ​as well as general population using enrolled in our online coaching. In order to best serve your needs we ask about your goals and profession so we can achieve them as well as off set any wear and tear that may be occurring in your daily life.

  • Your Equipment

    • Don't go through an online program that doesn't take the equipment into account, If you have various specialty bars we are going to use them! If you don't we will find other methods to get you stronger. We are going to maximize the toos that you have in your area!​

  • Time Dedicated to the Program

    • We have trained people as little as twice a week and have major results. We also have people that train up to 4/5 times a week. It is customized to the time you have to commit to the program.

*If you do not communicate with your coach for a 2 week period, we will not continue programming for you within the given month with no refund

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