Bioprint and diet


Bio Print is a revolutionary tool designed measure body fat on a 14-site scale. This body fat measuring tool can be the missing link between where you store your adipose tissue and why. Understanding why body fat is accumulating is a huge process in diagnosing what supplements and nutrition protocols a coach should utilize.


With this simple test, we can decide what diet best fits your genetics and current fitness level to get you in better shape faster, with a more healthy approach.


Understanding that a one size fits all tool for weight loss has been a major concern in the industry, more importantly lower calorie diets, such as ones that prescribe ultra low calorie >800 calories to loose weight may work short term, but the damage to the resting metabolic rate is catastrophic.


One major component to weight loss is individual mineral deficiencies and lack of nutrition in certain macronutrients. If a client knows what is deficient by taking the Bioprint it not only assists body fat loss faster, it also allows the bodies natural fat loss genes to play a larger role in fat loss, while still eating a good amount of calories each day.


$200.00      Bioprint test - Includes toxicity assessment and general diet changes               



$275.00    Bioprint test with structural analysis

$300.00    Six week diet program


This structural analysis is great for people that have kids that play sports to detect weak muscle areas before possible injury, also is good if someone has had nagging muscle or joint pain, as this may be a sign of improper exercise use and or selection. So if you need an overall assessment this is the ticket to making progress faster with less pain along the way.

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